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Full Version: [Release] Google
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Name: Google
Price: free
Author: Trinit
Version: 1
This is a Google Styled theme, you can see the developement process here. Inside you can find the PSD of the buttons.

Download here or [attachment=18169]

[Image: 1zxtgsw.png]
[Image: 51wr2u.png]
[Image: 25krdzq.png]
It's OK. Doesn't really 'feel' like I'm on Google though.
Wow that is extremely cool!
Nice work! Smile
Are you allowed to use the Google logo?
I downloaded a PSD, is not the original one. In the other post they said I can... if i can't please tell me I will sobstitute it!
Too bad you'll need to update it again. Google has a new interface now.

But seriously, the theme is pretty cool. Nice work there!
Lmao I lol'd when I noticed it!
(2010-05-06, 08:34 PM)Trinit Wrote: [ -> ]Lmao I lol'd when I noticed it!

lol me too Toungue
Actually that's pretty cool.
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