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Full Version: [Release] Adult Red 1.5
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[Image: logo.png]

Theme Name: Adult Red

Theme Version: 1.5

For MyBB: 1.6

Theme Description: This is a Red and Black theme with a adult vibe. Is has s new sets of buttons, new CSS effects. When I saw MyBB lacks themes for adult forums and many people looking for this kind of theme, I decided to create this theme. This theme is updated from the previous version. Its now fluid width and it has more compact panel.

Thank You!

For demo visit YuvaPix Demo site, change the theme to Adult Red using the quick theme changer.


[attachment=18183] [attachment=18184] [attachment=18196]



Alternate Download Link:
looks good
In one word!!! UNIQUE!!
Keep up the good work my friend!
Nice. Although the category size is supermassive. (Huge)
(2010-05-06, 02:38 PM)Rozzy Wrote: [ -> ]Nice. Although the category size is supermassive. (Huge)

Its because of the image there, the image size is lowered as much as possible.
Any demo?

Select Adult Red from the quick theme selection.
Still needs work looks weak for a adult theme
The Login/Register part should be a smaller.
yeah, its bcoz the #panel width set to 430px, the height is a little big & padding should be less for that.
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