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Okay, So i've spent ages developing this forum, and I feel as if it's now finished. Awesome custom theme by Jessie here Cool

It's a Webmaster Forum, i've developed website for ages, but haven't really made my own forum site yet so this is my first. Hope it catches on and becomes successful Smile

Any constructive criticism, comments, thoughts, ideas and suggestions are fully welcome. Wink
Looks like a nice forum just needs more topics and members but that will come in time.
Yup, Traffic is coming in slowly but surely Smile That's all I need.
Over all I like the theme it looks nice but alittle dark, but I think it looks good still. Just keep link Building and you will do well.
I'm not a fan of red and black. :\
But overall nice forum and I love the name. D:

Nice categories, I'll register later.
Also, the website took a while to load for me, crappy host?
Yeah, I thought red and black gives it a more web 2.0 feel and blends well.

Thanks for the comments though Big Grin

The site loads fine for me, although i'm on a share host at the moment, will be upgrading to a VPS soon Wink
Actually, I LOVE the theme. I think Jesse did an excellent job on it.

The only thing I would change is the offlock icon. I think it should be the same size as the other two...or vice versa.

I wish the best of luck with it.
Thanks for your kind comments x-Treme Big Grin

I'll get the offlock icon changed.
Amazing theme. I love it. Good luck with your website.
Glad you liked it Big Grin
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