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Full Version: [Reasle] A cool bluetheme [Similar as mybbsource]
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A cool bluetheme

Inspirated by MyBBsource.
All thanks dedicate to them thank you Toungue

Hope you like this Big Grin.!!!!!!!

[attachment=18204] [attachment=18205]

This is really nice. Thanks for releasing it.
You cannot copy a theme unless you got the permission.
I beleive the MyBBSource theme was made by Combus, he does not allow redistribution, this theme is too much like it.
i Might use it in a new forum
Thank you!
Thanks for comments, and for this it is not all from MyBBsource just i watch that and i reasle that i can create that images to it is not very hard Toungue
VB like? Wink
Ignore the theme police K|nG

They do it on every release here and need grow up... even a slight similarity will spark a debate

@ thanks for the theme / downloaded Smile
Nothing hope you will enjoy it Smile
I agree with cypt, thank you for that great release Smile
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