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Full Version: gallery to house photos
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I wanted a gallery to house photos, with housing code for the images on forums, blogs that exist for MyBB?

Someone knows the system of IPB? does it have the same or similar?
I'm moving this to the mods section, it belongs there.

Also I believe copper mine bridges with MyBB, take a look at that.
I have Coppermine bridged with MyBB on my site, I think it should do what you want. Smile
but then no friends there is no gallery there ready for me to download?
Just download Coppermine and the MyBB 1.4 bridge file. It's not much more complicated than a MyBB Gallery would be really.
can you tell me one send the folder: cpg14 and file
Sorry I don't understand what you're asking?
I was wondering what I do to that folder and the file, sending into the inc folder? install the pulgin? How do I put the gallery up and running?
Coppermine should be installed in a subfolder, i.e. root/gallery

Installation instructions are included in the download. Smile
I can not install, asks for username and password and not give me proper ...
Some tips there? install the database already created to create another forum for the gallery?
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