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Full Version: [Reasle] A cool bluetheme [Similar as mybbsource]
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I reasle this theme and I post this and to Reasled Theme Sub forum but why it is not shown ????

Check here link of THEME:


Hope you will moderate soon as you can and to reasle Toungue
Theme & plugin releases and moderated before being shown to the public. This is to ensure the user hasn't hidden any malicious code in their release.
Did you even get permission? You're using the exact same postbit buttons. And the theme is almost a ripoff.

combus ain't gonna like this. Neither is Nickman.
All right gose to MyBBSource
I don't like this and neither will Combus or Nickman as faviouz said. You should really get permition before you go and ripoff someone's theme, at least before you release it to public.
The spelling in these posts are amazing. Big Grin
We're all Grammar nazis here Smile
lol Toungue hope this is not a big problem