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Full Version: i want to add some code to my forums
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Hello i am wanting to add on my forums at and i know i have to add it to the template i am using but i am not completely sure which template i should use to place the meebo bar code at.
Probably best to put it in the index template. Above {footer}.
Okay i went to my theme and then i went to the index template and picked the one named index and above {$footer} i put

<script type="text/javascript">
if (typeof Meebo == 'undefined') {
var d=document,b=d.body;
if(!b){var cb=arguments.callee;return setTimeout(function(){cb(q)},100);}
var m=b.insertBefore(d.createElement('div'), b.firstChild), s=d.createElement('script');'meebo';'none'; m.innerHTML='<iframe id="meebo-iframe" frameBorder="0" ></iframe>';
})({network: 'ideluxe_co48ga', stage: false});

and it seems to not be showing up.