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Full Version: Password Attempt and Forum Name
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I guess this forum should be changed to instead of

Also since cookies died everyone has to login again. Current login attempts is set at 3. Maybe MyBB can extend this to 5 for a short period so members aren't annoyed and locked out.

Just some ideas.
We have already? :O

Edit: SWEET!

And yeah, change this forum to MyBB.Com, to save the confusion. Wink
Just got back from school, and I noticed I wasn't logged in. I haven't cleaned my cache in a few months, so I had no idea what was happening.

Then I saw this thread, and looked at the navigation bar. one noticed? I assume then no announcement has been made yet.
i just noticed when i saw the address bar
Congratulations Everyone
and Thank you labrocca
Ideas, Mods, Wiki and Blog sites still aren't using the new domain.
The move-over is being completed slowly AFAIK. It's still a work in progress Smile
=D Yay! This is so awesome!! XD
I just saw this topic and it must have happened late last night cause I was logged out then and had to log back in, Well Congratz MyBB, as I am a semi-domainer I know this is a huge step in development for MyBBoard and Domaining itself. I cant wait till the original owner has to put that on his taxes. He could have "donated it" and wrote it off. looks nice.
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