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Full Version: Giblo web hosting site 'n forum.
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Hey, I want to get some constructive criticism on both web site and forum.


The only thing on forum I changed is the logo, and main page buttons that indicate new posts, no new posts, etc. I don't want to change the design as I love the default one, but I will probably make a couple more graphic changes. Smile
Looks nice Smile On the website, I couldn't find a link to the forum is there one? You might want to add one Wink Also, I suggest you create your own theme to possibly match your website. Other than that, it looks good!
the default theme actually looks ok with ur site i think
Yea, the forum isn't linked yet, as I want to finish it and mod it before linking it with site. I might change most graphics on forum to match color with the site, and maybe add a header similar to the site, but not sure yet as I like default skin alot.