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Full Version: Forum Layout Suggestion
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With the amount of people not reading the forum names and just posting threads wherever they want, there really needs to be a layout change to make it easier.

I propose this layout and I don't mind if you make suggestions or ignore it. Smile

Key: -- = depth 1, ---- = depth 2.

-- Blog (Link to blog as normal)

Tips and Tricks
-- Before Installing (If you are new to the MyBB software and don't understand what to do, please use this forum to ask feature questions and if a feature is available.)
-- *Link to* Download MyBB! (Click here to download the latest version of MyBB!)
-- MyBB (latest version number here) Suggestions and Feedback (Please use this forum to post suggestions for the next MyBB version!)
-- MyBB Resources. (Here you will find all the resources you need to use MyBB safely, and efficiently)
---- Requests/Services (If you are looking to sell your forum or need a helping hand with your board or just generally need support in the form of payment, post here!)
---- Server Optimisation (Use this forum to post question and ask for assistance on how to optimise your server to MyBB)
---- MyBB Optimisation (If you are experiencing slow page loads or general slow usage of MyBB, post here to get expert help on how to fix the problem)
-- Site Feedback (Problems on Got a suggestion for the site? Then we'd love to hear it! Post here and we'll consider your suggestion.)

MyBB 1.4
-- Troubleshooting and Questions (If you are running MyBB 1.4 and are having a problem, please post here and someone will assist you!)
---- (version number here) How To's (If you are having a problem, check here as your question may be answered here already)
-- Merge System (Here, all questions regarding the merge system for MyBB should be posted)
---- Support (Use this forum to receive support for the Merge System)
---- Bug Tracker (Report bugs with the Merge System here. We're always looking to improve users that wish to move to our software.)
-- Bug Reporting (Have you found a possible bug in the latest version of MyBB? Report it here and we'll fix it if possible!)

MyBB Support (International)
(You can decide which forums to add for international support here)

MyBB Legacy Versions (don't add this until MyBB 1.6 is released and when MyBB 1.4 is not recommended for use)
-- MyBB 1.4 (Support for MyBB 1.4 continues but you are recommended to upgrade to v1.6. However, users who still use this version can post questions here as normal)

General Discussion
-- Chit Chat (Everybody loves a bit of randomness, care to share yours?)
-- Managing a Community (Get tips and help from other board admins here. Managing a forum is not an easy task, so newbies beware!)
-- Hosting Suggestions (Find out which hosts users like and those which you should stay well clear off)
-- Testing and Trashing (General spam forum, rules do still apply here)

(Archives can be left as they are)

What do you think of that hierarchy layout? It looks much more organised and things are easier to find this way. Smile
I think this would make browsing alot easier. Good suggestion.
We wouldn't move support lower down, and we'll be doing away with the installation forum when thread prefixes come.
Thread Prefixes are bad for SEO imo.
Until MyBB 1.6 is released, one wouldn't hurt.
Imho support should stay first. Tons of users don't really care about resources. They just want there system working.

Edit: Sniped twice.

Edit2: MyBB 1.6 should be running here quite soon, when open beta starts, i'd assume this would be converted to it.
That's what I thought, but oh well. You can re-arrange this layout if necessary. I didn't say it was the final version :p
I don't think SEO on this forum has been a particularly high priority. We're still top results whenever I search for any MyBB issue. Plus prefixes would be added so if they didn't make a difference, wouldn't really matter, nothing's being removed. Installation forum gets a lot of general support threads, and installation threads get posted in general support, no real point in keeping it separated, plus thread prefixes can be searched etc and they're easier to keep track of.
I see your point. I will amend my listing above to reflect your point Smile
In what way would prefixes affect SEO?

Prefixes are used on a lot of forums, both big and small. In no way will it affect your rankings,etc.
I heard it does. Undecided If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. As Matt said, it doesn't matter since General Support counts towards all support, including the installer.

I have amended my OP again.
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