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Full Version: [I] Buddy List
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Curently, there is no way to see your buddy list box, can you add the link around here (see screenshot)
Frankly speaking, RC4 looks to me solely intended for admins and there is hardly anthing for end-user. Most of the suggestions have been ignored. Now wait for Gold Wink
Please stop complaining here as it will stop some people from downloading myBB probably. I dont know why you do anyway.

myBB is free, adless, totally customisable, easy but powerful, and it updated regually.

As for suggestions, I submitted about 5 to chirs in one day, all were put into effect so dont say they were ignored. myBB and MsgPlus! are the only programs I know that listen to others and consider their ideas.

Problem is you group all your suggestions into one thread sometime, which means its hard to find. Use a seperate topic for each suggestion. (I have moved your suggestions from the beta board to here btw)

And lastly, what has this got to do with the buddy link suggestion in the first place??
Yes, Release Candidate 4 was intended to improve probably the worst areas of the board: Administration and moderation areas. These areas were severely lacking in user-friendlyness.

Most of the suggestions in this forum will be added in to Gold, as the RC4 code base will not be touched again (with the exception of security fixes). You will notice this when I begin marking the threads in this forum as ideas that have been implemented ([I] prefix.).

There have been improvements in RC4 for the end user too, but the main focus was on the administration features as I outlined above.
k776 Wrote:Please stop complaining here as it will stop some people from downloading myBB probably. I dont know why you do anyway.

k776 none of us of course intend to discourage anyone from using mybb by our deeds. I did not meat that at all. Whenever I point out a problem or suggest a feature, I do it with utmost sincerity. I think of myself a part of this community and believe that self-check leads to self-correction. Having said that, if you still feel that we should not raise these sort of issues, please accetp my apology.
well, if you want to, start a new thread however please, cause using one that isn't related is annoying. thanks