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Full Version: [I] Online Status
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Online = link to online.php
:/ ?
I think he means the online status in the postbit.

It's already there. He must have something else to say.
No, he wishes it to be a direct link to the Who's Online page, and that's currently not the case Smile
I see, but can't he make the status simply a link to who is online page?
Huh? The guy just means that the Online text in the Status section of your profile on the left of a post will link to the online.php page... not so hard right? Smile
Not so hard at all - just edit the postbit_online template
na, I can do it myself

admin cp >> templates >> modify/delete >> *template name* >> Postbit expand >> postbit_online

or something like that. Not that hard but if it were in RC5/Gold or a RC4 SP it would save me from having to do it cause school has started again.
LOL. School is going to keep you from making the link? Rolleyes Then do you really have time to click the link anyways? Toungue
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