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Full Version: Stylesheets
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Hey guys,

I'm wondering what the name of each style sheet is, As I'm new to the theme design. So if someone could tell me the name of each style sheet, which I will need to edit, That'd be great Big Grin.

[Image: s5lsgn.jpg]
Here in the shout box, half is one color, and the other part is another color, I want it both to be the same color, but I don't know which style sheet to edit.

[Image: wgq70p.jpg]
I would like to change the trim of this border.

[Image: 28rffqd.jpg]
Here, where it shows the important threads, I also want to change the colors of this.

[Image: 28ani3d.jpg]
For this image, You can see when you put the mouse on the button it goes white, and has a blue trim, which I both want to change, along with the two different colors on the bottom part.

Hopefully someone can help me.
The second one is called bottomenu and its in global.css

Third one is called trow_sep and its also in global.css

Modify pagination in global.css to get what you want in your fourth qs.

Need anymore help, post here, actually its midnight here, so I am not in mood to type much. Toungue
Alright, I will try these now Wink.
For the bottom menu one, It dont say where you select the border color..
And what stylesheet do you edit for the PM ?
BUMP, For support ;D.
You can find all classes by just looking at the page source.

PM notice is the .pm_alert class.

The bottom menu is the the .bottommenu class.

.bottommenu {
	background: #efefef;
	color: #000000;
	border: 1px solid #4874a3;
	padding: 10px;

Border's there.
Thanks Matt, and Sorry for the New thread Wink.
Sorry for double post, But for the PM issue, I change the color, And it is still white, Whats the reason for this Confused.

[Image: 331ja7r.jpg]