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Full Version: [SOLVED] Color of text under poll is not visible
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The color under the polls on my site is not visible because I am using a theme that has a background color of white.

Could you please help me change the text color to black? I am not sure where it is in Global.css (if it is even in there Huh)

Thank you.
You want to change pollbar color? screenshot?
(2010-05-19, 09:10 PM)Sukanjan.K Wrote: [ -> ]You want to change pollbar color? screenshot?

[Image: 5agp6a.jpg]
Its in global.css and its color. If you changed that color, each and every link color of your forum will be changed.
Can I have your forum link?
Yeah. (It's a Boy Scout forum)
Everything hidden. so change the color & visited color to grey or like that. The problem will be solved.
I changed it to orange. But it only changed the "Edit Poll" link and not the "Show Results" one.
I posted before I saw your last post. Thank you, you have solved my problem.