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Full Version: Navigation bar isn't appearing
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I downloaded the BlazeBB skin ( ), and I have a problem: my navigation bar isn't appearing.

Here's some screenshots:

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2
Have you made any edits?
You did't uploaded the images,looking at the screenshot i can tell that. Even the expansion images no showing.
I am sure I have uploaded everything that i should.
No, I haven't done any edits.
Did you upload the contents of /images?
Can I have your forum link?
I sent you a PM.
The nav bar is there, you just can't see it because the background image isn't appearing.

You should remove the trailing slash from your themes Image Directory though, not that will solve the missing images. this is the image link which in not appearing. Check the menu ul css class in Global.CSS
Sukan, thats a 404.
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