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The posts would still be in English, unless that thing somehow connects to a translator API.
(2010-05-22, 04:52 AM)CAwesome Wrote: [ -> ]The posts would still be in English, unless that thing somehow connects to a translator API.

It does not so you would be right Wink.
(2010-05-21, 02:05 AM)Ryan Loos Wrote: [ -> ]Ah, right. You mean language packages.

I guess that would be up to management. Smile

It would be great if that is possible Smile I know it is possible i wanna say if Staff wanna do it Angel
Adding language packs would just encourage people to post in their native language. People sometimes post support threads now in their own language, it'd be even worse if the entire forum was also in their language.
I think there is no need for more languages or more language forums, since there are various communities offering support for MyBB in different languages.

It's better to do some VISIBLE highlight of these communities for people who want support for MyBB in a language different from english. It's better for to stay english only.

Maybe, MyBB Group can create an "Accredited Support Community" program or something like that, for communities offering support for MyBB in other languages.
(2010-05-20, 08:20 PM)zDawg32 Wrote: [ -> ]I think you guys should add more sub-forum languages to the Internationalization forum, such as Italian (which I am quite fluent in)

Why you need to add an Italian subforum when you can have full support at the official italian community at ?
We might be removing the internationalization forum in the future and in its place listing third-party sites like,, etc. It's getting difficult to have content moderated here when we do not understand the language, and we have wonderful community members running these international communities in their own languages.
I was going to say, that seems a much better solution than the current.
Yeah that forum is nearly impossible to moderate. We can't always rely on Google Translate to get a clear idea of what's going on.
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