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Full Version: Delicious Manga
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Hey guys check out my new manga forum at I basically just colorized the default theme
WOW, the content is very interessting...
@Euriko: Completely pointless promoting a site here when it's empty
Hmm......... The theme is nice ._.
Lol 6 members, 0 posts.
Is it allowed to be advertised here? Your forum hosts manga which is copyrighted material. Same as if you were offering music downloads or any other media for illegal consumption.
Do you know what manga is?

Are you talking to me? Yes of course I know what it is. I lived in Japan for a year lol. Can't say it's my alley (I'm not a 12 yr old, the main demographic of manga), but I'm very much aware exactly what it is.
Gaara, he is speaking purely legal truth, its illegal to do what he is doing. He could be charged and fined.
That directory is very interestedly coding but again I question if it's legal, besides that you should post some content on the forums.
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