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Full Version: My first Mybb
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hi im still working out and found stuff out with MyBB

heres the LINK to my forum

i set all up to daySmile
The first skin (before Digitart) looked really nice, I liked it Wink I was looking at the index and then clicked on one of the forums to see what it looked like, and it changed on me... However, both look nice Smile
ok i wanted to know what one to use thx
I like the skin on that board. Smile
OW yeah it is nice, however this is a thing i always say for everyoneToungue
plssssss when u make a new theme Toungue change the navigation icons to ur own! it will look better by leaps and bounds !!

i dident make that theme i found it on this forum i just made the banner
Alright, but u can modifty it Smile