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Full Version: "Denied Official Support"
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Yesterday I posted a legitimate question for support in a thread in the support section. It was closed simply because I have a "hacking" forum and all the sudden just because it's a hacking forum it MUST be a malicious evil thing. NO, it's not, and I'm sorry if you feel that way but if you do then you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what "hacking" means or maybe even what the word "ethical" before it stands for.

It's got a bad reputation because of MALICIOUS hackers, commonly known as "Crackers" or Black Hat Hackers. A White Hat Hackers, otherwise known as "Ethical Hackers" are security professionals. They follow the law, they do NOTHING malicious, they write antivirus', they clean people's computers from virus' and malware, they secure your networks, they protect banks from being robbed by Crackers.

I'm afraid you guys have this all wrong and backwards. Just because it says "hacker" doesn't mean it's a horrible thing. IN FACT my site is there JUST because of this VERY type of stereotyping. Read my site's home page


And you'll see real quick-like what my site is all about. It's for training, support, security. It's not for black hat activity. Everything on my site follows an ethical and legal white hat procedure. Anything malicious on my site is quickly removed and the member posting it is banned. Keep in mind that white hat hackers know everything black hat hackers do. How in the world can a security professional expect to be able to fight black hat malicious hackers in securing a bank if he doesn't know how a bank works, isn't able to test the bank's security features, doesn't know what vulnerabilities are out there, and doesn't know how to hack himself?

I think denying me and my forum support is stereotypical, incorrect, wrong, and a misjudgment and I would like to appeal it please.

I think hacking is hacking. But maybe some other staff members have an other opinion. And I don't think, you have to discuss my PN's to you in public. I have already sent a PM to Dennis. His word is the latest word. So closed for now.

As mentioned before, we are investigating this borderline case internally.