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Full Version: UnderDown V.3
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Great forum, Keep it up Big Grin
How about a little more description Smile

As, at the moment, this post compels me in no way to visit your forum Toungue
The theme is good, but the logo and the fully black backgroud kinda suck.
Also, you're not letting guests view your forums and therefore we see no activity.
Registration is required to view content!
Well then expect to get no members from here, the none-idiotic ones anyway.
I'm not registering because you never know, if I do, the forum might suck! Toungue
all content is visible
Wow. Just wow!
You have... hmm...
39+ forums.
Too many. 'Nuff said.
(2010-05-27, 11:45 PM)thzaar ko Wrote: [ -> ]Great forum, Keep it up Big Grin
You always say that for any thread in the Showcase forum...

Anyway, there is not much to say as it's an default theme and the logo doesn't look all the good. The only I can see why you posted this is to get some extra hits.