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Full Version: User Name Change
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The user name I wanted when registering was taken, but now I see that the user hasn't logged in for 5 years and has zero posts.

Can I have that user name? If so, a capital 'J' please.
If not, 'Jay[fullstop]' will do.

I don't think they're allowed to delete accounts incase the user wants to log in one day.
After 5 years, with 1 minute online and 0 posts. I guarantee that user doesn't even remember they have an account here.
Also, the administrators are allowed to do anything.
Jay. is already taken.

Unless you really want Jay[fullstop]
There have been a few people who joined in 2004/5 and made their first post this year or late last year. I believe not recycling usernames has been a long standing policy.
That'll do.
I wasn't even allowed to steal the username Tim from a user who hasn't been here since 05 or something Sad Go for Jay. full stops are kewl Toungue
I'm waiting for it..
As Dennis said, Jay. is taken too.
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