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Full Version: Disable video MyCode?
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I wonder how it is possible to disable the new video MyCode? You can disable the img MyCode globally or per forum but whats about the video MyCode?

In sections where users can't post images they should also unable to post videos (but default MyCode should be possible)...
Any feedback about this? Rolleyes
Follow the discussion on the dev.
How I can disable video tag?
Hm, no updates about this...
Er, if SQA has an inquiry about a feature it needs to be changed to "Feedback" otherwise I don't get updates if it's "Closed."
(2010-07-26, 05:37 AM)mrl586 Wrote: [ -> ]How I can disable video tag?

This isn't currently possible. Plus there is already a thread about this so I'm gonna merge this.
(2010-07-27, 07:32 AM)Ryan Gordon Wrote: [ -> ]r5125

Great !!
Thanks Ryan Big Grin