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Full Version: Announcments
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I dont think this has been considered yet (not tested):

Lobster Wrote:Not sure if this is still the case in RC4 - in my test copy of RC3 only one announcement per forum is shown in forum view - surely not right Confused (all are shown in announcements.php when you click on it)
Chris Boulton Wrote:It only shows the latest announcement on the forum view. I'm not sure why I did it that way, I just did - but I do think it would be a bit cluttered if they were all there Confused
Lobster Wrote:It seems a bit illogical Confused because it's stating the existence of one without the existence of others. I guess there's 2 solutions to this:

1) Show all announcements (there's usually only 2 or 3 anyway :/)
2) In the threadbit row, say how many have been grouped together at the very least... and maybe not give any announcement names, or list the, in the row
There is a setting in RC4 which allows yout o change the amount of announcements shown.