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Full Version: What Qualifies as "General Support"
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We feel it was time that some rules were drawn up for the "General Support" forum for MyBB. Day to day we're seeing many threads posted 'how do i change the code to do this', 'how do i modify the template to do this'. We're also seeing people ask for support for code modifications and plugins which are not written by the MyBB Group.

This isn't the appropriate forum for such things.

The MyBB Group provides support in this forum for:
  • General issues with MyBB
  • General faults (which could possibly be bugs) with MyBB
  • "How do I use feature x and feature y" discussions
This is not the support forum for:
  • "I installed a plugin and now my board doesn't work"
  • "This plugin is performing incorrectly"
  • Questions relating to the modification of MyBB in terms of code, themes and templates.
We have appropriate forums for such discussion in our Customization sections.

Please also remember to use a descriptive title when posting as this allows us to quickly and possibly identify a problem and provide a solution, as well as provides us with a "priority scale."

Failure to abide by these support rules may result in:
  • No support being given for such questions
  • Your thread being deleted (extreme cases) and you being notified through the use of a PM
  • Your thread being directly moved (with no redirect) to the appropriate forum

Help us help the users by posting in the correct section.

Please note that we do not have any conversion scripts at this time.

Please view this thread for a list of converters as they come available.