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Intro: We are The Worlds first Gamers Union. Our mission is to unite gamers, gaming communities, and game developers into one global faction, in order to stand up and speak out in the name of the gaming way of life! We believe that gamers have the ultimate say in The Gaming Industry!

Forum Link: The Video Game Empire Forum

Extra Comments: Attention gaming sites that use MyBB! Affiliate with the Video Game Empire through a link exchange! Check out my board message for details! Smile Please help us grow!

I look forward to meeting and seeing all of you there! Smile
The music made my browser freeze and it's extremely annoying. I suggest getting rid of it.
Good Job Smile

u should rename the title of the affiliates page.
also i reccomend that i include it in mybb layout !! read this tutorial
Does your tutorial work with your Advanced Nav Bar 2 plugin?
yes sure!! why not ?

the variable of the anb2 is in the header
Okies! I'll take a look at it.