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Full Version: add logout/mark read/team/stats links to search results footer
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i would like to suggest that you edit the default search_results_post and search_result_threads templates to include the "Log Out | Mark All Forums Read | Forum Team | Forum Statistics" links.

In those templates, add the following under "{$results}"

	<td class="tfoot" style="text-align: right" colspan="9">
		<span class="smalltext">
			<a href="misc.php?action=markread">{$lang->markread}</a> |
			<a href="showteam.php">{$lang->forumteam}</a> |
			<a href="stats.php">{$lang->forumstats}</a>

this would require adding a $lang->load("index") to the search.php file in order to get the appropriate language vars.

My reason for suggesting this once a user pulls a View New or View Today or any other search they can mark the forums read and their next visit will have the proper new message indicators. including the full footer is simply for consistent look