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Hello Reader !
Please Visit My Forum:
It's All About TechNology, Please It Is My New Forum, Visit & You Will Not Be Disapointed & Also Don't Forget To Register. Thank You
Why Are You Talking In Caps In Every Single World?
Because It Makes Him Look Cool
Work On Your Grammar.
Cut Down Some Forums, You Have Too Many Empty Ones (Including The Rules One (?))

Get A Better Domain.
It's a good forum however I suggest that you post more often. The forums look kind of dead with only about 8 posts in them.
Get rid of some forums, also nice job on finding a good theme Toungue.
Get a real domain. forums fail in the first 2 weeks.
They are good to start off a forum, but not to be a permanent solution.

And as has been said many times above, you have too many pointless forums, such as a forum for just rules. Dont' see the point of it.

Also, guests are able to see your staff zone.
Remove Caps From Every Word On Your Forum Description. It Is Unprofessional.
Okay, Thanks For The Suggestion Guys !
Why are there driver and freeware trial downloads on your forum? Are you allowed to post them there?
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