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Full Version: Animated Group Image ( With PSD )
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These are animated Group Images designed from Photoshop and Image ready. This thread have PSD file attached so that u can modify as per requirement or can make more custome ranks according to your groups.

Samples are :-

[Image: 326admin.gif]

[Image: 847mod.gif]

[Image: 796s_mod.gif]



These Ranks are designed by me are fully animated and can be modified easily according to board colors. PSD link is in bottom.

Screenshot :-
[Image: 791admin.gif]
[Image: 347admin1.gif]
[Image: 349management.gif]
[Image: 324management1.gif]
[Image: 270moderator.gif]
[Image: 579supermod.gif]
[Image: 655supermod1.gif]

Nice Thanks. I will try at my forum ! Smile
They're alright. A bit too glitchy though.
New set is attached with new PSD