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Full Version: mybb - phpsge bridge
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i want to make a bridge to phpsge

what is phpsge? php strategy game engine is an opensource cms, and whit it you can create your strategy browsergame.
you can find it on source forge:

phpsge use the md5() hasch for passwords.

function login($username,$password) {
		$q = "SELECT * FROM ".TB_PREFIX."users where username = '$username'";
		$result = mysql_query($q);
		$dbarray = mysql_fetch_array($result);
		if($dbarray['password'] == md5($password)) {
			header ("Location: main.php");
		else {
			return false;

i don't now how mybb hasch the password, can you help me?
MyBB uses a randomly generated salt on each user's password. You'll need to make changes to one script or the other for this to work.


thakyou it works fine! i will use mybb as official forum cms for phpsge
Raffa, can you post the bridge? I am interested in using it actually.