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Full Version: Users Who have ViewedThread?
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when you go into a sub forum and you see all of the posts in that subforum, you have 2 columns, Replied which you can click and see who's replied and Viewed which you can not.

is there an option which can allow us to see which users have viewed a thread despite not replying - we have an important thread and we want to make sure everyone has seen it.
There should be a plugin for this, try requesting one
I don't think recording every person who's viewed every thread is a very good use of database space. There's plugins to force someone to read a thread, having a list of who has read it isn't really a very good way of making sure someone's seen a thread.
Agree with matt on this one. A plugin to force certain threads to be read would be much more efficient. Especially when you get into larger boards.
Funny timing I just made a plugin to view who viewed a thread.
Edit just saw for 1.6 this may work you might have to change compatibility in the plugin to get installed.
Note that that would only be accurate for the last 7 days as it uses the threadsread table which, by default, only holds info on who's read what for 7 days. To be accurate you'd need to store it indefinitely which would use up a lot of database space over time.
Thanks for the heads up didn't know it got cleared out.
How would this even be helpful at all?
If you wanted to see if someone read a thread or not.
Like a must read thread
(06-25-2010, 10:44 PM)vbgamer45 Wrote: [ -> ]If you wanted to see if someone read a thread or not.
Like a must read thread

That's a much simpler and more efficient way doing that though. Especially when you get in to larger forums.
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