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.css is missing an icon.
Remember that thread on the beta forums? The one where I said there is no icon because I couldn't find a suitable one? The same still applies.
ah, that right. Anyone find one that is suitable in the KDE crystal set(?), let Chris know.
Perfect. Thanks.
Hmm, I personally think the one toertchn gave sholuld be for pictures/painting and the current one with the three color dots for css.
Attached are 2 more graphics. Based one - I think most known software suite to edit css files. Bracket normaly stands for html inc css. T for blank css file. So most users who post & download the files should remember the icon.
Icon in first post is based on mozillas dynamic style change feature. So also most normal users should know it.
I would use the second one with the T for .doc cause the current one looks plain.