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Full Version: Do not display certain forum
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Is there a way I can modify/edit one of the template to make the main page / index page to not display a certain forum?

Please & Thank you!
You can go to forums & posts and go to permissions to the forum you want to hide and choose which usergroups to hide it from, or you can just display it to admins or mods.
I know it's a way to do it, but I am preferring to modify the templates more to suit my current needs. I've tried doing your suggestion before but it does not match what I need for my forums.

Is there any way to modify the templates please?
I'm not sure how editing a template will get you what you need from what i read in your first post, you don't want to display a forum you said, my suggestion does what you wanted, can you explain more.
My forums currently have all subforums listed when viewing the index page. However, in one certain Forum, there will be many subforums to which all are in equal importance. So, I was hoping to make the subforums not be listed for that forum only. Which I found out a few days ago was close to impossible.
So, I tried a second method which was limiting the permissions. With this, I created a separate viewable forum by all that redirects to the limited forum with all my subforums. However again, problems came up with the permissions so that didn't work out.
Now, I am thinking about just modifying it.
What's your url?
Actually, i discussed this with my partner,he said it's too much of an hassle, we're going to remove the function we were planning to have.

Thank you so much for your help though!
You can't do that in the templates as the templates is used for all subforums. If you want to get hide some subforums but still want them viewable when you click the forum than I am afraid you will need a plugin to be created.