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This MyCode allows you and users to show other people weather or not you are online on Yahoo Messenger or not.


Short Description:
Shows weather you are online YM or not.

Regular Expression:

<a href="ymsgr:sendIM?$1"><img src="$1&m=g&t=14" border="0" alt="Yahoo! Messenger" /></a>

How to use it:
[YMS]Enter you YM address here for EX: wethegreenpeople NOT [email protected][/YMS]


When you click on the image it will Launch YM for you.

If you like my MyCodes and want to encourage me to make more/help me to start up for LIVE demo's & free support on all MyCode's please donate! Pm me for more details.
nice Smile
use and change this for Web Messenger
good idea. . .