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Full Version: Plugin Changes - Question
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So I know that almost all plugins with changing version compatibility should work in mybb 1.6. I was wondering if there were any more changes though? Like features added or hook differences?
too early to tell as there is still development going on. however, I have yet to test a plugin on my 1.6 beta install that does not work
This development is mostly fixes though at this point I had thought? That and minor tweaks. Any new features would have been implemented already. I remember during beta of the last release is when they posted the new plugin features to prepare for the change to come. I suppose you could be right though.
bug fixes and minor feature requests can always change things.
The first BETA has been released however we are releasing another BETA I believe. I too am still trying to find a plugin that won't work with 1.6 BETA (1.5)