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Full Version: Unused buttons?
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There are three buttons that I've not seen any use for yet, and was wondering if they serve a purpose now:
[Image: postbit_profile.gif] (postbit_profile)
[Image: postbit_quickquote.gif] (postbit_quickquote, different from postbit_multiquote which I've seen used)
[Image: postbit_replyall.gif] (postbit_replyall)

If someone could tell me whether or not these are worth my time to find icons, type the text, and resize the button graphic for each one; that would be very nice. Thank you.
Does anyone know? Surely someone can tell me something.
quickquote and profile I'm unsure about. Reply to all is used in Private Messages. Send a PM to multiple people and open it up in sent items. You will see it there.
Reply to all is when you CC to multiple people iirc, not sure about the others. Might be settings?
Does anybody know the font used in these buttons? I want to make two.
The font is Trebuchet MS, bold, 10pt, all caps.

Also, this might come in handy:
Is postbit_spam used at all? I've never seen it live before.
(2011-11-13, 11:28 PM)Ferron Wrote: [ -> ]Is postbit_spam used at all? I've never seen it live before.

It's used for Askimet. See right of postbit.