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Full Version: anyone know?
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Hey. I came across this MyBB board and was wondering if anyone knows how to set Last post and Stats column like that? I'm fond of phpbb3-like themes and would switch to my MyBB if I could do something like that. Here's a cap, so you can understand what I would like:

Thanks in advance.
just template edits. look at the template you are using now, export it, import it as a new name and then edit it to make the changes you want.
Thanks. But, can someone help me to edit the template, I mean, the code? I would be very grateful.
The style is based on CSS. Learn XHTML & CSS, They won't take long at all to learn.
I'm actually in the progress of learning both.
We also have the same format..
(2010-07-14, 05:52 PM)Sukanjan.K Wrote: [ -> ]We also have the same format..
Dude, I <snip> love the layout, so slick.