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Going to make a Swedish Language Pack for MyBB.

Does that sound good?
Who's going to stop you Smile
It's always good to open up new doors for other users from other countries Toungue
Making a new language pack is always good. It means more people will use MyBB since their first language is available to use Big Grin
(2010-07-09, 11:25 AM)NeoFusion720 Wrote: [ -> ]Going to make a Swedish Language Pack for MyBB.

Does that sound good?

Yes! That sounds good. I was just looking around for a Swedish translation.

How is it going?
I have not started yet >.<
Maybe someone could assist?
Everything is here explained:
It just takes time.
Här är en tråd om pågående? översättning

Men nu är det väl dags att översätta version 1.6 i stället för 1.4 .
Use this site for translating: It's extremely helpful and fosters translating process. Just import languages files, add the other language and translate. Wink

I guess MyBB Devs could use this service. Not everybody wants or know how to operate on PHP files despite having translating skills. Nice and user-friendly interface would encourage regular people to translate MyBB to lots of languages. Smile
I wish you goodluck Smile