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Full Version: Registraion Suggestion
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I do have a suggestion for registration script.

I think it will be easier if you had a e-mail relater. So when the user signs up with hotmail it will have a Windows Live logo with a redirect to hotmail or MSN.
Personally I think it's kind of pointless to add this and a waste of a time.

Secondly no feature will be added to 1.6.
seems pointless.

Maybe a plugin could be made for it
(2010-07-14, 11:23 AM)Nayar Wrote: [ -> ]seems pointless.

Maybe a plugin could be made for it

This. If anything its load that sucks. Because hotmail also has I already hate the search on MyBB when i am searching Mattr, it selects a different users before i can fix what i wanted too.
Login and Display names would be cool imo
I was planning on making a plugin for this if I understand you correctly.