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Full Version: Question about new Web Development and Administration Forum
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Ok I think that the introduction thread condraticts itself.

Quote:We have introduced this forum to provide a specific place for all the webmasters on this forum to ask for help and to share their wisdom. In general any topic on building or managing a website should be posted here.

For example, here are some topics that belong here:
Web design
Website promotion
Web hosting
Server management
User management
Website Monetization

Please note that this is not a market place and not showcase. Advertising in this forum is prohibited.

So You can Promote Your website but not Advertise it? I'm kind of confused. Clarification would be nice.
It means you can talk about the methodology and research of website promotion and such.

You just can't actually practice it there.
Haha ok. No Problem. Smile
I changed the thread to say "Website promotion techniques" to clear this up.
Thanks for the clarification Smile
It's "About Promotion" not "Promote Here". I guess you got that though by now.
OMG a new forum! Awesome. Just seen it.
Never mind.
It's not a subforum of General Discussion any more, it is it's own forum:
(2010-07-16, 09:56 AM)Tim B. Wrote: [ -> ]It's not a subforum of General Discussion any more, it is it's own forum:

?? What - thats not the Web Development and Administration forum O.o