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Full Version: {Help}PayPal "Buy Now" Button
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Quote:Website content
Support will not be provided to websites containing either of the following:
-Illegal activity (warez, pornography, hacking, etc.)
-Racism or hate related content

This doesn't apply anymore then?
I don’t think its right to provide support to hacking websites or anything similar to that because well it’s like we are supporting them in what they do if we help them.

I don’t think his hosting provider The Planet condones such activity on their network. =) so we’ll see what they say, do not really like websites like this. Ruins things for other people.
According to Bob Jansen , no it doesnt.

What bob has basically said was if you dont directly link your site, your entitled to support. The first post in this thread has evidence of hacking/host booting material. But because its not directly linked to a website address (its not rocket science to find the web address "teammodz") the op is entitled to support.

Either this is a loop hole or bob is wrong (which i hope not , coming from a support team member)
you get it from paypal website it's self

I really don't appreciate the fact that you have removed my theme copyright.


It's nothing to do with MyBB.
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