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Full Version: Fatal Error in Themes tab of AdminCP???
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Hello Everybody, I'm trying to fix a lot of errors and screw ups (caused by me) on my Forum...

One in particular is the "Fatal error: Call to undefined function build_theme_list() in /home/eric/public_html/ee757pbh/modules/style/themes.php on line 2380"

I re-uploaded the file via Filezilla from the myBB download but it didn't fix it and I'm mind boggled... Any ideas on how to fix this??

MyBB 1.1.13
latest version of PHP

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!! Smile
Where and when do you get this error?
I get that error inside of my Admin CP... I go to AdminCP then click on "Templates and Styles" tab and that's where the error shows... I'll show a screen shot:

[Image: ThemesFatalError-Screenshot.jpg]
As far as I can tell that's the only error I'm getting in the AdminCP... The rest of AdminCP seems to be working properly.
Any plugins installed? If so, which ones?