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Full Version: Log all TIDs on multi thread moderation
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If you moderate multiple threads via the forum display it'll show in the main moderator log in the MCP but not in the thread notes in the moderation options at the bottom of a thread. Confused me at first but the TIDs of all the threads just aren't stored if it's multi thread moderation. Would it be possible to store all the TIDs in the mod log table?? I know that would mean having to have a larger capacity column there but it can be confusing, misleading and could lead to issues if the mod logs at the bottom of a thread are replied on and an action doesn't show up. It's much easier to find what actions have been performed on a thread with this feature and to have things missing is an issue.
Currently the column is integer only last time I checked. I would like to see it this way too but it's not going to make it into MyBB 1.6 unfortunately. For 2.0, I think we'll be able to have it.
Fair do's, thought it'd be a bit late to change now.

I guess if it's not been bought up by anybody before it can't be having too much of an impact.