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Full Version: this is a new feature or not ?
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is just display the post reputation en the posts:

this is an easy implementation for the "reputation system", or is a new feature? Huh
Reputation is already displayed in the postbit.

Or do you mean this -
It already shows your current rep in the postbit, 1.6 has the ability to give rep to a user for a specific post.
but the post reputation is diferent to user reputation.


I mean:

display the user reputation and display the post reputation in the postbit.
Not entirely sure what you're getting at but we're not going to make big changes to how it works near the end of the beta. You can give reputation to a user for a post, or just a general reputation, and it all counts to the overall rep.
is difficult to show both reputations?.

(show the reputation for a specific post)
(2010-07-24, 10:54 AM)AJS Wrote: [ -> ]Reputation is already displayed in the postbit.

Or do you mean this -

i mean this:
There is only one reputation, not one for posts and one for overall.
Yes, the reputation, though you can repute a person or their post, all adds to the same reputation. If you want them split that would have to be your own hacking to do it. I don't know how many people would want multiple reputation systems like that. Perhaps one for people and one for a sellers reputation if you sell things on a forum, which is already a plugin. :p