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Full Version: About this forum and some tips on giving us your feedback
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Welcome to the forum; if you’re a little confused by the purpose of this forum then keep reading.

What is this forum for?
  • Reporting bugs and issues with the website
  • Making suggestions for the website, including the community forums
  • Asking questions about policies or rules
  • Asking for help with the website

What this is not for, click for the correct place:
In addition, if you have a suggestion or complaint for the MyBB team then this might also be the wrong place, read below.

Criticism, suggestions & complaints for the MyBB group
We expect that from time to time people will have criticism, suggestions or complaints for us which we accept and welcome as a chance to improve and resolve situations. We do ask though that you take note of the following if you wish to do so.

90% of the time, discussing it with us privately is the best option and we ask that you don't make public threads unless your feedback is for the community rather than us.

Why is private better?
  • We can have a more personal discussion with you to make sure we understand your feedback from your perspective.
  • Your issue remains our primary concern rather than managing the community’s reactions to your issue
  • We are more likely to take your feedback seriously as you have shown us respect by taking the high road and discussing it like adults
  • It avoids any inadvertent negative publicity which otherwise might harm our ability to produce the high quality product we do

Who should I speak to and how can I contact them?

The best way to contact us is to use the Private Inquiries forum, if you post a thread in the Private Inquiries forum, only yourself and staff can see it. Using this forum allows all staff to address your issue transparently.

If you would prefer to talk to someone individually you should contact one of the four following people depending on your issue. You can contact them via private message or email.

Stefan T. - [email][email protected][/email]
Stefan T. is the project leader and has ultimate authority on any issues.

Paul H. - [email][email protected][/email]
Paul H. is our Community Team lead and is a good person to talk to for any issue. He is good at understanding situations and tends to have good, un-biased judgement.

Destroy666 - no email
Destroy is the support team lead and you can speak to him about issues with support and general moderation.

Euan T.- [email][email protected][/email]
Euan T. is the development lead so if your issue relates to development then he is the best person to contact.

Note: Please do not email any of the staff about support, plugins or bugs, you will be ignored if you do so.

My thread has disappeared?
If you make a thread which we feel would be better handled privately we will remove it from public view however it will not be deleted. Your feedback will still be heard and a staff member should be in contact soon to discuss it with you.

I have made suggestions but I see no action?
Unfortunately it would not be possible to include everyone’s suggestion and to please everyone. Sometimes we have to make compromises or there are other reasons that prevent a suggestion from being practical to implement. If this is the case then we apologize and would appreciate your understanding, in most cases we will do our best to explain our reasoning to you.

Note: Should you have any questions or comments about this thread or any of the other new policies please post them here.

Yours sincerely, the MyBB team.

If you wish to contact staff about any of these rules please use the Private Inquiries forum.