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Full Version: Question about threads
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(2010-07-26, 04:57 PM)Gaara Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you should make that explicity clear in the rules?

Seems more like Common Sense to be honest
Point Taken.
I'll just make sure not to post such sites on here.

You can lock up this thread.
(2010-07-26, 05:11 PM)Alex Smith Wrote: [ -> ]It's a rule that shouldn't really be needed though. I mean who allows competition to advertise? And, what software company/developer doesn't use their own software for representation?

Well as this post has proven , the rule IS obviously needed. I agree it should be common sense to know he shouldnt be promoting competing software, but there should be a written rule regardless.
No, there isn't if we want to be like that the rules of this forum would be endless. Is it to much to ask for people to think before they post?
/Closed as requested.
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