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Thinking about creating your very own website? Well, in order to make a website, you need a web host. But some web host are just too expensive, or some web host are just too slow and have lots of downtime. But there's a web host that fast and affordable, also lack of downtime. The web host is called Web Hosting Fox. Web Hosting Fox offers plenty of plans you can choose from. Don't have money and not satisfy with the free hosting plan. Well, you can look at our Post 2 Host plans. Just post a certain amount of posts per month to get your site hosted. But that's not all, we offer VPS hosting. That's right, VPS hosting! So if you're starting your own forum hosting or web hosting, make sure you check our VPS hosting! Please check us out today!

Need help on your hosting? Or signed up for a post 2 host plan? Well, visit our support forum.

- Web Hosting Fox Team
Ergh, does this not break the new rules? Shouldn't you just be linking to the forums or is this ok?
Aaron is correct, you are only permitted two links, one must be to your forum and one may be to your home page. I have edited your post to comply to the rules.

In future please report threads Aaron rather than replying about it as otherwise we might not find it Wink

Also, please remember that new replies must use the template in the guidelines.
The website has a very nice design, I like it a lot. Smile
Order your fast, and affordable hosting today! and yes, it's reliable.


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