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Full Version: Forum Warfare
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What we're all about. has been running for a couple of months now, and we're growing day by day! As a Call of Duty discussion board, we have many unique features including:
  • Selectable camo system;
  • Selectable perk system;
  • FW Store - buy and show off various MW2 weapons! (Not real guns)

Aside from that we have our own custom theme, as well as a cool ranking system where you post to rank up and unlock new camos!

The FW Store
Show off your MW2 item collection.

Currently at the FW Store, you can purchase one of two Golden .44 Magnums for 1500XP (forum currency), which is the equivalent of 150 posts. If you manage to purchase one before they're both sold, you win $10! For more information on this contest, please visit this thread.

So come check us out today for all your CoD needs!
Good point: Great theme, and nice idea with the store.
bad point: none
Username: Aaron

Hope that fits in with the rules lol.
What theme changer are you using and how did you get it on top of your forums?
Quick Theme, with custom edits.
could you tell me how, please?
Learn a bit of basic PHP Toungue