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Full Version: Admin Codex - A New Admin Community (Now running MyBB 1.6!)
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[Image: logo.png]
Admin Codex - A New Admin Community
(Thanks to Angel C for the logo! Smile)

Admin Codex is a new community for admins and webmasters to show off their sites and help each other by giving comments and feedback, telling them where to improve. Members can also post tips and tricks for building a successful community. We are a few days old, and accepting staff applications. If you would like to be a staff member, please PM me here with your desired rank (selected from the list below) and why you think you should get that position.

Available staff positions:
  • Super Moderator(s)
(More positions will be added to this list as needed.)

Forum Link:

All comments and suggestions welcome! Smile
Bump! We've just finished upgrading the forums to MyBB 1.6 and there's some new content! Big Grin
Not a bad theme, try some more promotion on the other hand.
Thanks for the comments. I've been trying to promote, but it's not an easy thing for me to do. I'll try do some more promotion on other sites Wink