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Full Version: Finding Posts of a User Glitch
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SQL Error:
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SELECT pid FROM posts WHERE uid='14543' AND fid NOT IN ('1','14','54','106','119','31','4','18','75','6','34','134','13','15','128','16','33','85','123','130','108','94','109','58','40','48','37','23','45','41','52','56','59','61','86','50','42','57','62','63','69','71','70','66','49','51','55','83','90','93','100','110','116','76','77','78','79','53','98','99','74','97','3','17','91','111','107','101','131','112','113','114','115','92') AND fid NOT IN (18,58,40,134,128,16,85,48,37,23,45,41,71,66,53)AND ((t.fid IN(135) AND t.uid='20419') OR t.fid NOT IN(135)) ORDER BY dateline DESC
It has already been reported.
Please post in the link Pirata gave you. Its easier for us to have 1 topic Wink