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Full Version: logging in
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When users log in, it would make a big difference if they were redirected to the page that required them to log in. Perhaps the login redirect could check the $_SERVER[REQUEST_URI], and if it had the same hostname in it, then we would know that the user was required to log in from a poll or some other forum that was for registered users only.

Users tend to give up on participating in my forums for the first time when they are linked directly to a forum that requires them to log in, then they have to find that page all over again after they log in.

I thought about coding this into myBB myself, but I want to be able to download the latest versions as they come out. I haven't really looked at how MyBB is coded, but I don't think it would take me long to code something like this. Let me know if there's any way I can help make MyBB a better BB.

- Asher The Sun
This one seems to be fixed in SVN. Wink
Indeed, so I'm moving this to included suggestions.
Michael83 Wrote:This one seems to be fixed in SVN. Wink

What is the mean of SVN?
The SVN is staff only. Sad This should explain what it is.
SVN is a versioning tool that lets multiple developers work on the same code. The biggest systems are CVS and SVN (subversion).

I wish we all had read access to SVN while only developers would have commit privileges.
Is this fixed in 1.11?
No, it will be fixed in MyBB 1.2.